What is Osteopathy?


The osteopathic  approach looks at the human body as whole.  No structure or tissue is too small or too remote to be of direct essential influence over the healthy function of the body as a whole.

We look at the spaces between structures as well as the compression within structures.

The Osteopath must bring together art and intuition as well as science and medicine.

In the adult…living with ache, pain, discomfort and disability, osteopathy looks for the self-healing mechanism behind the mechanics of joint and limb, of girdle and spine, to a still point and a position of ease.

In pursuing relief and release the osteopath may have to confront the bind held with the tissues of the body, or find shift and change in the neutral positioning of structures and the shape of the whole person.

The adult body that bears the impression of its history of hick-ups and traumas and shocks and strains as a predisposing pattern of vulnerability, also contains a profound potential for ease and comfortable accommodation.

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With the baby…life and all its essential processes are solidifying and not every system is wholly ready for the challenges of breathing air, managing gravity, protecting against infection, of coordinating the mechanics of feeding and digestion. Osteopathy may release stains, promote the maturation process and facilitate the developmental/growing function of vitality.

And the elderly…the shift of body function from mobility and adaptation, to stability and reliability may become vulnerable in that change to wear and degeneration and an unsuccessful accommodation to changes.  here osteopathy must find the balance in related structures and re-find or redefine the expression of potency and full life.

In the child…the emerging person, the forces of development and change, the fragility of new immature structures and systems, osteopathy looks to opening and freeing the future space of the whole body. The growing individual in their physical story and in the time line of their life. Osteopathy is suitable for them and may help them to relax.