What I Treat


Working in collaboration each patient, I have experience treating:

  • Adults with musculo-skeletal injury and strain such as neck pain and back ache as well as joint restriction and inflammation. I treat patients with pain caused by stress of suffering from an illness/condition such as chronic fatigue and post viral difficulties.  I help patients with the musculoskeletal aspects of their head aches and digestive irritability, and influence the effects of stress and anxiety on the healthy working body.
  • Teenagers with growing pains and postural concerns, sports injuries, and the musculoskeletal aspects of emotional tensions.
  • Children and infants: osteopathy is suitable for them and can help them to relax.




  • I help patients with disabilities and conditions to maximise their physical and postural potential throughout their body systems and develop to their musculoskeletal optimum.
  • Patients recovering or coping with illness and the effect this may have on their structural postural health.
  • Pregnant women coping with the inevitable changes in weight bearing and posture, post-partum mothers with the challenges of recovery and new function such as breast feeding and carrying infants.
  • Elderly patients with degenerative issues such as osteoarthritis and restrictions in their frame and joints.
  • I have a wide experience treating patients from an artistic background, working with dancers, musicians and creative artists with all the drive, physical challenges and stresses which may accompany those lives.