About Me


I run a busy but relaxed and unhurried practice.

I see a broad spread of patients – lots of children including newly born babies and their mothers, pregnant women. I see teenagers with their various physical manifestations of maturity and change.  Adults with long term postural challenges, responses to trauma and shock. I see patients with a wide variety of stressful expressions held in different parts of the body.  I mange the ongoing functional well-being of older patients with degenerative aspects to their health.

I have a large and busy family. I left my former occupation in the media after witnessing the astonishing results of osteopathy with my first born son, twenty years ago. I qualified as an osteopath and pursued post graduate training in specialised areas of clinical competence, namely paediatrics and treatment of pregnant and post-partum women.  I have continued my study into osteopathy with research in osteopathic education and doctorate level examination into philosophy and concepts of complementary health care and medicine.

My enthusiasm is for the most extensive osteopathic scope of practice and for the greatest diversity of osteopathic technical approaches.

My practices embrace all modalities of treatment from subtle positional and ‘cranial’ osteopathy to direct osteopathic manipulation, all predicated on what is most effective and appropriate for the body and person being treated.

I run my own practice from two locations, in Chelsea just off Sloane Sq in Central London and from home in Telegraph Hill in South East London.

I am very involved in osteopathic education and teach as a clinical tutor in Europe’s oldest and largest paediatric clinic – the Osteopathic Centre for Children.  I am also the Course Leader for the prestigious Diploma in Paediatric Osteopathy nurturing expert training in this complex and specialised area of osteopathic practice. I frequently lecture and run courses in the UK and abroad, speaking at international conferences and contributing to journals and articles.





Osteopathic Centre for Children

I work as a clinical tutor in a team of three on Fridays providing M-level academic and clinical training to post-graduate  osteopaths.  We see up to one hundred children and pregnant mothers each day in this innovative openplan environment

Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy

I run the Diploma in Paediatric Osteopathy as Course Leader, providing the most respected and most recognised post-graduated qualification in paediatric osteopathy anywhere in Europe – this involves generating an innivative and inspirational course with lectures and seminars as well as extensive clinical training. The course includes work in specialist intensive care units in London hospitals including Barnet Central Hospital.

International Teaching

I participate in a variety of courses and teaching at colleges across Europe and the UK.