My Osteopathy


Osteopathy is a beautiful approach to the harmony and health of the living body.

Osteopathy is a philosophical view of the expression of healthy balance and function, motion and potency in the structures of the living person.

Osteopathy addresses the form and shape as well as the movement and relationship of structures to enhance and restore vitality and dynamic function.

The Osteopath must work as a craftsman – interpreting the core material of each person, seeing the poetry of each and every individual’s physicality, to lead and persuade the unique arrangement of parts into a balanced organisation able to release deep tensions.

Touch and palpation are the tools which the osteopath with thinking feeling hands can open the potential for profound ease and restored function.


What some patients say


“I have been visiting Daniel for a chronic back problem for many years. He has provided me with relief where others have failed. He is a sensitive and excellent osteopath.”

Paul Wootton (Designer and Illustrator)

“What was remarkable about Daniel was his ability to successfully map map my body and the specific demands I was placing on it during the transformative process that this challenging role required. His intuition and support was invaluable.”

Eddie Redmayne, Theory of everything – Oscar, Bafta and Golden Globe winner.

“Daniel’s manner and holistic approach ensure an experience of trust, I have always felt understood and relaxed in a welcoming space. His excellent body work has often offered me relief from injury, mishaps, and unravelled long held patterns of tension. Treatment sessions are always individually tailored.”

Highly recommended.

Nicole Harvey (Actress and Media Presenter)

“Daniel has successfully resolved decades-old issues where no-one else has. I feel able to place absolute trust in the healing journey. His understanding of bodies is unique and his knowledge of of how a body can function is exceptional”

Alex Reynaulds, Choreographer and Movement Director.